Add a student

Add a student

There are three ways to add students.
  1. You can use an integration like Google Classroom or Clever.
  2. You can invite them using a code,
  3. Or you can invite them via email.

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    • Students who sign up outside of your class

      Students can create an account by going to and creating an account and choosing "student" or "reader". To connect a student to your class, have them join by sharing the class code. Steps: Log in Click “Classes” Click “Join Class ...
    • Invite a student via email

      To invite a student using email 1. Navigate to the classroom you want to add the student o 2. Click "invite" 3. Enter the student's email address 4. Click "invite" The student will receive an email with a link to join your class. ? No Sound ?
    • Invite student using a code

      To add a student using the code 1. Navigate to the classroom you want to add the student to 2. Click "invite" 3. Share the code with students. You can project it, take a screenshot and assign in an LMS, or simply write it on the board. 
    • Create classes using Clever

      Reach out to us for help using the Clever integration. Or use our Submit a ticket or Live chat features as needed.
    • Add a student without LMS or SSO integration

      You can invite students using a code, or you can invite them via email.