Introduce your students to Literal

Introduce your students to Literal

Teachers, you can copy and share this text with students. If you're adding students with a code, don't forget to include it below the "Joining with a code" help link. If you added students with Google or Clever, just delete that section. 

Students, I'm excited to introduce you to Literal! 
Here's a video to tell you what it's about. 
Now, take a guided tour of Literal, just for students by clicking this link.

You'll need this code👇 to join with a code.

Watch this video for help. 

You can get started in the book I've assigned right away. 
or ask and I can help you. 


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    • Students who sign up outside of your class

      Students can create an account by going to and creating an account and choosing "student" or "reader". To connect a student to your class, have them join by sharing the class code.
    • Literal Integrations

      Literal offers integrations with Google Classrooms and Clever. Effortlessly upload your classrooms and add students to Literal.  If you want to request a new integration, please reach out to Literal here. 
    • Add a student

      There are three ways to add students. You can use an integration like Google Classroom or Clever. You can invite them using a code, or you can invite them via email.
    • Invite student using a code

      To add a student using the code 1. Navigate to the classroom you want to add the student to 2. Click "invite" 3. Share the code with students. You can project it, take a screenshot and assign in an LMS, or simply write it on the board. 
    • Teacher sign up for Literal

      If your school uses Google Classrooms or Clever, click to learn about signing up using those tools. 1. If you'll use your email address to sign up, Navigate to 2. In the upper right, click "Sign In" 3. Choose "register". 4. Select ...