Literal Integrations

Literal Integrations

Literal offers integrations with Google Classrooms and Clever.

Effortlessly upload your classrooms and add students to Literal. 
If you want to request a new integration, please reach out to Literal here. 

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      See a short video on the steps below HERE Teachers can get started quickly with Google Classrooms and Literal. Navigate to the top right and click "Sign in" then choose "register". Choose "Educator" the "Register with Google." Choose your school ...
    • Find Literal in the Google Play Store

      You can find Literal here in the Google Play Store. 
    • Create classes using Clever

      Reach out to us for help using the Clever integration. Or use our Submit a ticket or Live chat features as needed.
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      Resources: Day 1 with Literal in the ELA Classroom Day 1 with Literal in the Social Studies Classroom Student-Facing Messaging: Teachers, you can copy and share this text with students. (If you're adding students with a code, don't forget to include ...
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      If your school uses Google Classrooms or Clever, click to learn about signing up using those tools. Option 1 - Join with Google or Clever Option 2 - Join with email address Check “Educator” Enter full name, email address, password & class code See a ...